Dab, Dab, Pass! Dabbing: What it is and how you do it

What’s in a Dab?

Dabs are a form of hash – at a quality high enough to kick you on your ass – usually created using butane. It’s a complicated process, but it yields a range of oils, waxes and shatter that you can then consume through the use of a special ‘dab rig’ or ‘oil rig’. Some vaporisers are made to also allow the vaping of dabs.

You can even make dabs with a hair straightener, if your herb’s good quality and your girlfriend doesn’t mind too much. Check the video below for an explanation.

Now, although the material the oke above collects looks more like wax than anything else, you can still call the process of smoking this substance ‘dabbing’.

The major difference between dabbing and smoking is how the actual product is consumed. When dabbing, you don’t “smoke” the oil/wax/shatter, but instead you inhale the smoke that comes off it when you heat the wax up to a certain temperature. So, to smoke it, you need some special gear.

How’s it Done?

If you want to know how it’s done, best watch the video below:

What do I need?

Stuck on how to enjoy your shatter/wax/oil? Well, here’s a line up of the products you’ll need, and links to each!


Dabbing Stick
Used to transfer the oil/wax/shatter.

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Dab Rig

The dabbing rig. ‘Nuff said.

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Blow Torch
Used to heat up the dab rig

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Shatter / Wax / Oil

The product. You’ll have to source this yourselves, guys!


To collapse onto when you’re done. Actually, you should start sitting on the couch. If you don’t already have a couch… then you should really be buying furniture instead of dabbing equipment! 🙂