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Anubis Bong


So, what the heck is up with the pyramids? Did the Egyptians know something we didn’t? What on earth were they getting up to in those pointy buildings of theirs… Why not contemplate these (and other questions) after a bong rip from your new Anubis Bong…?

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The extraordinary, handmade Anubis bong enchants with its bright metallic print on classy black borosilicate glass.
But good looks are not everything, the Anubis bong features:

  • Robust wall thickness of 5mm
  • 10-arm tree percolator
  • Diffuser slit adapter with tube made of black glass
  • Bowl with handle and roll-stop.
  • And a kickhole.

And as a high point, the ice notches can hold a lot of ice cubes for total coolness.

Additional information

Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions132 × 40 × 470 mm


Kick Hole




Wall Thickness


Percolator / Diffuser

Ice Notches



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  1. shanepotephotography (verified owner)

    THE ANUBIS!! What more to say. This beautiful piece of art truly is a blessing. It is super smooth, a show piece, easy to smoke. Really does take you up (or rather down) to the gates of the dead to meet Anubis himself. What an experience. The design allows a ash catcher in bottom chamber with it’s kick hole that then filters through the 10 arm perc which finally steams through the massive chamber for all the ice.

    Great delivery, Service and packaging, Really mind blowing service and really impressive

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