Belynda Bong


This party starter ensures gentle smoking pleasure.

  • Add last minute chill to each hit with the ice-notches
  • Available in five different colours
  • Built-in percolator ensures a smooth, cool hit each time
  • Thick glass gives this bong a hefty, sturdy feel


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We love the Belynda Bong, and so does everyone who’s ever laid eyes on this beauty. She comes in 5 different colours, so she’ll be sure to match every stoner’s collection. This sturdy, 400mm high, glass bong has a double reinforced ‘Down-Pipe’ mount for the SG 19 / SG 14 ‘Down-Pipe’ ‘Diffuser-Adapter’.

As the smoke travels up, it passed through a 4-Arm ‘Tree-Percolator’, making it swirled vigorously. This ensures optimum cooling and filtering of pollutants, which then settle in the bong.

Thanks to the Ice-Notches it can be chilled. Complete with a large green rim SG 14 Roll-Stop’ bowl.

The percolator adds smoothness to each hit by separating the smoke into thousands of bubbles, thereby increasing the surface area of the smoke. This increased surface area allows for radically better filtration of impurities, as well aerating and humidifying the smoke. Each hit is then as smooth as silk, and cool and airy.

Additional information

Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 400 mm


Kick Hole


Ice Notches



Percolator / Diffuser

Wall Thickness



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