Black Leaf Drake Dab Rig


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Beautiful and at the same time very robust oil rig with banger from ‘Black Leaf’. To prevent the smoke from getting too heavy for the lungs, the little beauty with the jade touch has a drum percolator. This ensures numerous water bubbles for a cooling and filtering effect of the smoke.

A wall thickness of 5 mm gives necessary stability, while the wide round base provides a secure stand.

Of course, herbs can also be smoked with this handy glass bubbler. To do this, the banger simply needs to be replaced with a herb bowl with SG 14 standard grinding (sold separately).

Attention: Only heat the bottom side of the banger, otherwise there is a risk that the grind will break due to expansion of the material.

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Weight0.554 kg
Dimensions23 × 65 × 220 mm

5mm thick



Percolator / Diffuser

Dab Rig