Blaze PreCooler


Nothing adds more value to a bong than a nifty precooler. And this one goes seriously OTT with a 6-arm percolator and integrated glass screen.
The result? Smooth, cool, filtered smoke.
You’re welcome.

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The handmade Blaze Glass pre-cooler is made from the best borosilicate glass. The 6-arm percolator provides powerful air swirls which cool the smoke nicely. In addition, dirt and ash particles are filtered. The result: A smooth, mellow and gentle smoking pleasure with aromatic taste.

The herb bowl has an integrated glass screen. The standard grinding for the bowl is recessed into the precooler. The logo ‘Blaze Glass’ is placed at the bottom of the precooler so that the user has a clear view of the first-class workmanship and the performance of air vortexes inside the precooler.

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Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 105 mm


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