Bloom Craft Blend 1Kg

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A specially designed organic top dress for the flowering phase of cannabis plants

Extensive testing has gone in the development of this unique top dress in order to provide plants with the correct nutrition for an exceptional yield and quality.

Once the top dress is applied the slow release of nutrients will drip feed the plants and last several weeks. Only water is required to keep your plants healthy

Use in conjunction with Synergistic Microbes for faster nutrient release This top dress will perform especially well if your plants have had adequate levels of Calcium and Nitrogen during their vegetative phase


Use at ratio of 20-50ml per 10L of medium when top dressing (eg: 20L pot = 40-100ml) Sprinkle on top of the soil and work it in the top 5-10cm of medium for best results

Alternatively apply 500ml/m2 for large surface area or beds Use 1-3 times per flowering cycle. Less more often is better than more less often

For reamending purpose use at ratio of 5-10L per 1000L of depleted soil