Clawd Perc Bong


The Clawdia or is it Clawd, who can tell the sex of a crab anyway. This Perc is a beautifully designed piece for the collector.

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Out of stock

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This beautifully and robust, handmade percolator bubbler is an awesome collectors piece. In the middle of the shower head percolator is an expertly crafted crab that watches how the smoke and bubbles how the smoke and bubbles move from the herb bowl through the pipe. The bowl is equipped with a flat handle so you can lift it easily for the final kick.

The shower head percolator ensures air and water swirls which cool and filter the smoke. The taste is smooth and therefore friendly to the lungs. The sturdy round foot gives this beautiful bubbler a perfect stand.

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Weight0.881 kg
Dimensions64 × 24 × 285 mm


Percolator / Diffuser


Kick Hole





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