CleanUrin Synthetic Urine

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Synthetic urine to protect your privacy, ideal for use on the go!
CleanUrin is not an urine cleaner meant for drinking; it is completely synthetic urine ready for day-to-day use.

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CleanUrin is completely synthetic urine, packaged in a practical, sturdy and yet supple 25ml sachet that can be torn open. CleanUrin is therefore comfortable to carry (even when playing sports, driving or sleeping) and can be used discreetly at any time without further preparation. IDEAL FOR USE ON THE GO! Now with different pH-values.

Completely synthetic mobile urine. Produced in our lab in Germany under the watchful eyes of our head biotechnologist.

Synthetic urine is equivalent to healthy human urine.
Three different identification marks (red / green / yellow) indicate different values in the urine such as pH and creatinine values (all values within the normal range found in a healthy human)

All sachets contain synthetic urine that is equivalent in all relevant parameters to the urine of a healthy, sober person.
Passes all common tests for falsification.

(please note that the packs are sold separately and not in a set of 3)