Hanuman Ice Bong With 10-Arm Tree Percolator

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Like ‘Hanuman’, the Hindu deity in monkey form, this glass bong from Black Leaf® will always be a loyal servant and reliably serve the fattest highs. The robust wall thickness of 7mm gives the Beaker bong a lot of stability and stability, so that ‘Hanuman’ can fulfill its task for a very long time. Incidentally, the printed bottom of the bong, apart from the draft, ensures a real wow! Effect.

The colored adapter with its diffuser slots creates a lot of air and water vortices that cool the smoke down well. The smoke is further cooled and filtered by the tree percolator. Would you like more cooling? No problem, lots of ice cubes fit in the spacious ice chamber.

The herb bowl has a larger opening, so we recommend using a sieve. There is also a kickhole for the final hit. The magnificent bong is packed in a sturdy case. So you can safely take them with you everywhere. The case also contains a grinder and a rolling tray, both with a ‘Hanuman’ design. And for easy bong cleaning, ‘Hanuman’ also brings the right stoppers for kick hole, joint and mouthpiece. A ‘Hanuman’ poster completes the great suitcase set.

According to legend, ‘Hanuman’ once flew to the Himalayas and tore up a whole mountain full of healing herbs to treat the injured on a battlefield – that’s why ‘Hanuman’ is our man! And because of the herbal story adorns this beautiful glass bong. This of course sprang from the creative pen of our artist Sly.

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Weight3.56 kg
Dimensions100 × 51 × 500 cm

7 mm


Kick Hole


Ice Notches


Percolator / Diffuser