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Jet Flash Mini Bong


With 3 vortex notches, it spins the smoke into a spiral. All you need for a fantastic lift off!

  • Perfectly sized
  • Incredible aeration ensures a smooth and mild hit each time
  • Made from high-quality materials to last
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Out of stock

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This is a small beaker bong, with a big difference. Standing on a black sturdy round base, this beaker bong has an diffuser down stem.
The upper half of the bong has the ‘Jet Flash’ vortex chamber.
The vortex is achieved as the smoke enters though the down stem, it is thrown to the outside wall, where 3 ‘Vortex-Notches’ spin the smoke in a spiral. It includes a  bowl with a black handle & built-in glass screen.
This spectacular aeration ensures each hit is smooth and mild.
Absolute satisfaction.

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Ice Notches


Kick Hole




Percolator / Diffuser

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4 reviews for Jet Flash Mini Bong

  1. Rick (verified owner)

    Service was excellent, I received an extra Wolf production joint rolling pouch which was the best surprise thanks puffpuffpass. The bong is solid and smokes so smooth there is no harshness or tight chests. I mean who doesnt love a good old pull out 😉

  2. Greg

    Smoother than Casanova with a punch like Mike Tyson

  3. johnmarc.sass1 (verified owner)

    Fantasic function ! Love the whirlpooling effect as the smoke goes through the chamber , would love to see more like this !

    • White Widow

      Thank you so much! We’re so happy you love your new bong.

  4. Mark

    Really nice bong. Very smooth hits and well designed all round. Easy to clean and store as well.

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