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Jetflash Handpipe

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This state of the art smoking system disassembles into a few different smoking apparatus, all as amazing as the next. Don’t worry, it comes with a pamphlet.

  • The vortex chamber ensures a cool, airy smoke every time
  • Interchangeable parts create unique smoking experiences every time
  • Portable traveling case, for the stoner on the go


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Whirling smoke begins in the small nozzles in the body of the chamber.

This creates a light and pleasant draft while slowing down the burning process and this allows for the ‘smoke whirls’ to be born, like in a tornado.

Not only does it look & work great – the taste is like a cool breeze, dancing on your tongue.

The Jetflash complete 7 piece kit, comes with a glass bowl; mouth piece & chamber, a joint holder for using when smoking joints or cigarettes, (this joint adapter can also work as an ‘One Hit’ adapter or with the 2-part adapter / head which allows this smoking ystem to be used with a bong or water-pipe.
The provided clip is used connect all parts with the mouth piece & chamber.

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1 review for Jetflash Handpipe

  1. Ryan Patterson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this… It is so smooth to pull. So well thought out and designed. Everyone should have 1 in their collection…

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