Newport Butane Dab Torch


The Triple flame butane torch is a giant among torch lighters. Built to last with a beefy frame, this powerhouse is an incredible triple flame butane torch lighter, offering three jets of searing blue flame with its simple dual action ignition!

No choice of color possible. 

Ships without butane.

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Out of stock



The quality of Newport Zero torches ensures reliability and consistency with lighting, and the height of the flame can be easily adjusted to your preferred length. Weighty and shaped to make an easy grip, the Triple Flame Torch is both intuitive and convenient. On top of all this, you can get your name or a message engraved right on this triple flame torch lighter for a customized look you can’t get anywhere else.

Newport Zero Torch features sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality materials chosen to make this device to ensure long-lasting usability when you need it most. Features easy-to-use with one click ignition and convenient for cigar or cigarette where applicable. Newport Zero Torch will be your best helper whether you’re at home or fast on-the-go in the strongest of winds. Torch flame size is adjustable and is equipped with a flame lock to maintain the burn.