OCB Roll Kit


Be best prepared on the way with the new Roll Kit from OCB.
The handy booklet contains the well-proven, unbleached OCB Virgin Papers in the King Size Slim version and the unbleached, perforated OCB Virgin Slim Tips.

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Unfold the booklet completely and enjoy the portable rolling tray. No crumbles get lost and there is no need to look for a dry underlayment any more.
The booklet is fixed with a practical rubber band.

At a glance:

– Measurements of the papers: approx. 44 x 110 mm
– Measurements of the tips: approx. 20 x 55 mm
– 32 leaves per booklet
– 32 tips per booklet
– 1 integrated rolling tray per booklet
– 20 booklets per box

Additional information

Weight0.010 kg
Dimensions2 × 1 × 10 cm