Oil Black Leaf Rosin Filter Bags 30µm 10 Pack


Rosin Bag Filters by Oil Black Leaf

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With the Rosin Bag Filters by Oil Black Leaf, the production of finest select oil extracts for smoking is ensured. If you chose the nylon filters for extracting with the so called ‘Rosin Tec’, the result is purest high-grade concentrate as the nylon bag reliably filters all plant remains already in the extraction process.

With the ‘Rosin Tech‘ method, green plant parts, blossoms and pollen are packed in parchment paper and are heated with a rosin press, applying strong pressure at a temperature from ca. 165°C to 180°C respectively 248°F to 356°F (depending on the plant) for a few seconds.
Fill the material to be pressed in a ‘Rosin Bag’ filter, wrap it in parchment paper and press it in the hot rosin press. You get the desired pure concentrate due to the additional filter. This concentrate is called rosin which has a stronger impact and is more intensive than the raw material. The ‘Rosin Tech’ extraction method itself is safe: no butane gas or chemical solvents have to be applied – therefore no risk of explosion.

The ‘Rosin Bag Filters‘ have a non-stick interior surface so that the sticky rosin can be scraped off with a dabber without problem. The extraction procedure can be repeated up to 4 times depending on the desired level of purity. The ‘Rosin Filter Bag‘ is made of special nylon texture which is heat-resistant (up to 240°C/464°F), robust and reusable

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