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Orochi Ice Bong


This tall bong is beautifully decorated with dragons and gold edging. This model includes ice-notches… for extra crisp tokes.

Smoking it makes you feel like royalty. Buy it for a friend, or spoil yourself.

  • Built-In diffuser
  • Ice-notches increase smoke coolness
  • Thick glass makes for a hefty, sturdy bong
  • Comes with a pre-cooler for an ultra-smooth, mild smoke
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Out of stock

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This high quality and beautifully decorated ice-bong series comes with quite a few attachments. The Kick-Hole can be sealed with the included rubber stopper.

The complete set includes; a Pre-Cooler with ‘Golden Dragon’ printed on it, a matching adapter and a glass bowl with gold trim plus a diffuser adapter, for use without a Pre-Cooler. These glass bongs are made from borosilicate heat-proof glass.

The pre-cooler allows for a very mild smoke, and perfect if you experience a sore throat after smoking a normal bong.

This model also includes ice-notches for a last-minute cooling and extra smoothness.

Additional information

Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 450 mm
Kick Hole


Ice Notches


Percolator / Diffuser



3 reviews for Orochi Ice Bong

  1. Greg Dicks (verified owner)

    Cant wait to test this bad boy out

  2. Greg Dicks (verified owner)

    If God designed a bong, this amazing piece of glassware would be it.
    Over the years I have had plenty of wonderful glass bongs, but never anything like this.
    Due yourself a favour and buy it

  3. Daniel

    Just excellent. Ash catcher makes a big difference when cleaning. And ice is game changer. 👌🏻

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