Perco8 Herb And Oil Rig


Awesome little rig with an 8 arm percolator, for herb and oil.

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The handcrafted water pipe of ‘Black Leaf’ is made of borosilicate glass. Due to the 8-arms tree percolator, the smoke gets properly swirled and cools down, while unwanted harmful substances are filtered.  The handy glass pipe stands very safe and stable due to the heavy base.

The pipe is for enjoying herbs as well as for smoking oil and wax. Therefore it is equipped with two bowls. The bowl for herbs has a practical handle and roll-stop, the oil/wax bowl is a classical banger.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 22 x 255 mm


Percolator / Diffuser

Ice Notches




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