Quartz Terp Pearls (10 Pack)


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Ideal dabbing of concentrates like oil or wax, it is important to ensure good smoke development and good mixing. For this purpose, use these terp pearls made of high-quality, heat-resistant quartz glass which spin in the bowl while inhaling. It is not only a nice visual effect, but they also ensure heat retention and dispersion. They increase the surface area and improve the distribution of heat inside the banger so that more oil or wax can evaporate for more taste and stronger hits.

To get the balls spin in the banger, you additionally need a suitable carb cap to effectively minimize the air supply. The pearls are heated in the banger and with the aid of the carb cap which should close the banger as airtight as possible, you get them to spin. Now, rich smoke can optimally develop and be inhaled.

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