RAM Inline Duct Fan – 150mm – 580m³/hr


RAM Inline Duct Fan – 150mm – 580m³/hr

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RAM Inline Duct Fans:

An optimized design for high pressure and quiet air movement, the RAM Inline Duct Fan features the patented Fast-Flow even air-flow fin. The RAM Inline Duct Fan is supplied with a mounting bracket and fitted with an IEC Socket. Hydroponic.co.za also adds a kettle plug electrical cord to the item for your convenience.

What is Fast-Flow?

Fast-Flow is an anti-turbulence fin. This patented technology slows down the air coming into the fan resulting in a smoother and more direct flow of air into the ducting.

Grow tent or grow room ventilation is essential for healthy, fast growing plants and filtration is also key – keeping incoming (and/or circulating air) air as clean as possible.

Replacing the air in your grow space at least every 5 minutes during the room’s daytime cycle if using an “open” system, but definitely quicker if your environment is struggling to combat heat or humidity. ( Up to once every 2 minutes if necessary )

It is also important to circulate the air inside your grow area. This will keep strengthen plants, help with plant respiration and reduce mold risk.

When it comes to indoor growing, a well controlled environment is critical. Good ventilation forms a big part of this.