RAW Parchment Roll Large (30cm x 10m)

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Vegan? Environmental activist?

… still wanna make resin or dabs using high-quality parchment paper? We got you covered:

  • Windmill-powered production process
  • No genetically modified organisms (Say no to GMO!)
  • Vegan friendly product
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RAW Parchment Paper is cut from the best unrefined dual-coated parchment paper.  Containing none of the non-eco-friendly chemicals that lesser parchment papers use, RAW Parchment Paper is extra-slick for both high heat and uncooked sticky foods.  Most parchment papers have a max temperature of 420 ℉ – RAW Parchment Paper remains non-reactive at temperatures above 500 ℉!

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Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 30 cm