Stripes White Beaker Bong


Thick-walled 7mm Blaze Glass Bong with Ice Notches

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With a wall thickness of 7mm and the bi-stable cut, this beaker bong with ice pinch from the brand BLAZE GLASS® is totally robust. And the print with the golden edges gives the ice bong a little touch of ‘upper class’.

The magnificent piece is equipped with a chillum plug system. The chillum has diffuser slits to get the bong water bubbling properly through air turbulence. This cools and filters the smoke. Want even cooler hits? No problem, fill lots of ice cubes into the spacious ice chamber.

The lift-off bowl for herbs has a large passage, we recommend using a screen. For those who prefer a kickhole for the final hit instead of pulling up the bowl – voila, there is a kickhole, too! This one has a silicone plug in case you do use the lift-off method. But since the plug is easily removable, you can also kick with it. The so-called ladykick prevents the otherwise used finger from being smelly. And the plug also makes cleaning the bong easier.

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Weight1.216 kg
Dimensions13 × 5 × 35 cm


Wall Thickness

7 mm

Ice Notches


Kick Hole