Lindsey Cures Colon Cancer With Cannabis Oil

The health benefits of Cannabis have been known for centuries throughout the world.

There are many reasons that the plant is still illegal in countries around the world, including South Africa (all of which are outside of the scope of this article), but luckily those people that need it the most are still able to make use of it’s amazing healing properties.

Take Lindsey, a mother of two from Cape Town, that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Told the usual story of needing chemotherapy in order to fight the stage 3 colon cancer she was diagnosed with, she did what every normal person does. She took the doctor’s advice, and began the treatment.

A few weeks later, additional tests showed up lesions, additional tumors and cancer spots. Was this just the cancer progressing on its merry way through her body? Nope. These additional illnesses had all been caused as a result of the chemotherapy.

The day that Lindsey’s doctor informed her of this, Lindsey had an epiphany. She realised she had nothing to lose. Either the chemotherapy was going to kill her, or she could fight the cancer with another method – holistic healing.

Other than going on a diet of organic natural foods, LIndsey omitted red meat and caffeine from her diet. Oh, and she started ingesting cannabis oil. Having smoked weed during her weeks of chemotherapy treatment, she had found the plant to be soothing for her nausea. It enabled her to sleep better, and relaxed her.

During her treatment she had also started delving into cannabis’ healing properties, and had made contact with people that were making this miraculous plant available to cancer patients.

So, the same day that she decided to stop her chemotherapy treatment, she bought 6 syringes of cannabis oil, and began ingesting a gradually increasing dosage every day.

A few weeks later, she arrived back at the hospital for her follow up medical examination. Unfortunately, she doesn’t go into detail about the expressions’ the doctors no doubt had on their faces, but we are all imaginative people…

Her cancer was completely cured. No trace remained of even the chemotherapy inflicted tumours and lesions. Lindsey was whole again. All thanks to a plant made illegal in this and many other countries.

This is not an isolated case, either. LIndsey is just one of many people that have found the healing properties of cannabis to far outweigh modern medicines and treatments.

For more information about this amazing story, visit Lindsey’s blog entry.

Lindsey’s Story

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