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Take it from them

Nidhogg Bong

The Nidhogg is an ultra solid bong made of high quality glass that will last you decades. It offers great smoking satisfaction and is easy to clean! PuffPuffPass also wraps your product and the included rizz was a nice touch. All-round good purchase, will definitely be buying from here again.

Fierna Bong

Awesome bong. When combined with ice the hits are really smooth and easy to take. Don’t even notice I’m inhaling any smoke.
Only issue is that its tough to clean due to the design.

Fierna Bong

An absolute essential piece of glassware for someone looking for quality on a budget. Amazing tokes, super cool and a real crowd pleaser when brought out at a braai!

Jetflash Handpipe System

Absolutely love this... It is so smooth to pull. So well thought out and designed. Everyone should have 1 in their collection...

Icefyre Bong

The bong is fantastic! It pulls smoothly and the bowl is big enough for large hits. Furthermore it comes with an awesome case which removes the need to bubble wrap it all separately for transport making its convenient but still looking great.

Awesome service and an awesome bong!

Orochi Ice Bong

If God designed a bong, this amazing piece of glassware would be it.
Over the years I have had plenty of wonderful glass bongs, but never anything like this.
Due yourself a favour and buy it

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