Small Tree Percolator Bong

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Small bubbler from Black Leaf® that gets the job done Featuring a tree percolator with angled arms for an interesting look. But not only that, the percolator provides plenty of air and water turbulence that cools and filters the smoke.

✔️️ curved draw tube for relaxed

swiping ✔️️ tree percolator for smoke cooling

✔️️ also suitable as a dab rig

The small bong is made of borosilicate glass. The lift-off head is for herbs and has a medium sized passage. We recommend screens with item numbers 440506 or S10.

The glass bubbler is also ideal for smoking extracts such as wax and oil. Simply replace the herb head with a suitable banger or oil head (NS 14) and the dab rig is complete

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Dimensions49 × 19 × 170 cm

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