The BullDog Rosin Press 5 Ton

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10 mm steel plates welded together for extra strength.

106 x 80 x 26mm Machined CNC Aluminium pressure plates.

Replaceable thermocouples.

Solid state Relay

PID Controller;

Supply voltage AC 110 ~240v 50/60Hz
Power Consumption = 5Va (100 ~240VAC)
Control Range: -50~1300℃
Accuracy of 0.1 degree C
PID and ON/OFF Control Mode
Adjustable Digital Filter
Self-adjusting Intelligent Control.
High Luminance LED display,
Anti-glare panel



How To:
Select good quality product (the higher the quality the better the end product)
1. Make sure product is properly cured (recommended 60 to 65% humidity)
2. Place plant material into Rosin filter bag (filter bags are necessary when making rosin with either hash or kief)
3. Place Rosin filter into the supplied parchment paper and place between the heating plates.
3. Set the temperature on the PID Recommended settings for flower to between 80 and 105 degrees for 60 to 180 seconds.
Β For pressing sift or kief set temps to between 65 and 88 degrees for optimum results.
4. Fold top of parchment paper up against the top plate securing it with the supplied magnet so you can watch the flow of the rosin.
5. After removing flower from parchment paper collect rosin with dabber tool and place it into supplied Silicone Rosin Tub.
The entire process can be repeated for a second time re-using the same product for an additional amount of Rosin (but not the same quality).
Pack, Press ,Enjoy
Experienced extractors know that the maximum pressure necessary at the contact points is 1000 Psi Any more pressure than this will result in a forcing out of less desirable compounds such as waxes, fats, lipids and chlorophyll. Pressing a 50x100mm bag of product would equate to a surface area of 5000 mm2. To apply 1000 Psi 4 tons of pressure would be required.
Bulldog presses provide a 5 Ton Hydraulic system, thereby ensuring adequate pressure for maximum extraction.
Pack Press and Enjoy…




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Weight18 kg
Dimensions11 × 27 × 40 cm