Glass Banger Set (Omni directional)

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The dabbing kit, packed in a nice metal box, contains a XXL sized banger and a matching carb cap (smoke catcher) which are made of very heat-resistant glass. Now you only need a bong with a matching standard grinding, a dabber, a gas torch and – of course – the appropriate concentrate and you can start immediately with the dabbing.

It is easy: Place the banger instead of the normal bowl at the glass bong, heat up the banger bottom with the torch and then add the oil/wax at the ridge inside the banger by using a dabber. Then capture the evolving vapor with the carb cap and minimize the air draft to generate more smoke. Inhale, pull carb cap and enjoy!

The oil banger must be heated only at the bottom, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material

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